The Lab
The Lab is where unstable prototypes and brave tank drivers rule, where you become a guinea pig and where we keep the odd stuff.
The Lab Report - Independent TankTrouble News
This bi-weekly, independent newspaper reports all things TankTrouble - news, subterranean leaks, reviews, latest insights and rumours, tips and tricks, puzzles, competitions and more.
The Underground Laboratory and scientists are not in any way affiliated with The Lab Report or its reporters. The Laboratory takes no responsibility for the validity of the contents.
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Get Action-packed Wallpaper
Awesome desktop action for those who just cannot get enough destruction. And it tiles perfectly too.
Right click here to download
TankTrouble Trading Cards
The classic trump card game with notorious tanks. Print them for your own deck of portable destruction. Developed by 7777lSamVTA, cubster6, foxter, and george8888.
Right click here to download series III
Special anniversary card
Right click here to download series II
Right click here to download series I
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What's Your Tank Rank?
Are you curious to know how you rank amongst other tank owners? Then check out this useful, little prototype made by our intern: Tank Rank by Experience

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